D & M Works Reviews


REVIEW FROM CLIENT #1     2015-10-05 09:24:38     

Darcy has been my personal trainer for over a year now following the birth of my second child. In that time, she has transformed not only my body but also my expectations of what is physically possible.
Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success.

Darcy is simply an outstanding master of her craft – her workouts are always unique and perfectly customized to meet her clients’ needs. I would highly recommend Darcy to anyone who needs that extra push to be where they want to be physically.

Darcy’s understanding of physiology gives me complete confidence in recommending her to my patients. I get nothing short of phenomenal results and consistently positive feedback from all of my referrals.

REVIEW FROM CLIENT #2      2015-10-05 09:24:01     
Ben Post

I highly recommend Darcy Thompson as a person trainer. She is energetic, enthusiastic and a great motivator. I worked out 9 months on my own with disappointing results. I would make marginal gains on my own and then hit a wall where it seemed no matter how hard I tried I could not lose any more weight or gain stamina and strength. I was very out of shape and overweight and I was stuck in a rut and almost ready to give up on ever getting back in shape. I needed better results and found them through Darcy.

I was really a beginner at working out with gym equipment but Darcy was very knowledgeable and was able to structure my workout so that I was making every rep count. She is a very skilled motivator and knows how to get the most out of a workout. She pushes me to my best performance and although the workouts are hard, she also manages to make working out fun and rewarding. Since I have started working out with Darcy, I have seen rapid and continual improvement. I still get tired during workouts but Darcy knows how to motivate me to push beyond what I thought was possible. Every time I think I am really starting to get comfortable with my workout routine, Darcy mixes up the routine and finds inventive ways of pushing me to new highs.

She not only taught me how to maximize my workout but also gave me great guidance on healthy eating habits and a more active lifestyle. She didn’t just tell me to go on some unachievable diet, so took the time to learn my personal eating habits and helped me adjust what I was already eating into a healthy diet. Since I started working out with Darcy, I have lost nearly a hundred pounds and have made tremendous gains in stamina and strength. Thanks to Darcy, I am once again healthy and confident and have a new outlook on life. If you are looking to get out of the rut you are stuck in and make strides you wouldn’t have believed possible, contact Darcy and let her show you how to maximize your workouts and begin living a healthy, active life.

REVIEW FROM CLIENT #3     2015-10-05 09:22:36     
Megan Willis

I’ve had the privilege to compete against Micaela in college and in the NPF and I have to say it’s always been a healthy rivalry! She was an incredible hitter and it was always a fun challenge to call pitches against her!

The interesting part of softball is, the higher level of ball you play, the less teams there are, which means you get to know one another a little bit more. And fortunately for me, I was able to get to know the passionate and aggressive Mizzou Alum off the field! She’s a hard working charismatic girl who works hard at whatever she puts her mind to.

I’ve enjoyed keeping up with Micaela off the field and seeing how her passion for ball has translated into everything/anything else she purses. I know that whatever she puts her mind to, she will excel!

REVIEW FROM CLIENT #4      2015-10-05 09:21:19     
Rhea Taylor

Micaela is probably one of the most inspirational people I got the opportunity to play with, but more importantly she’s a great friend.

During my freshman year in college when the upper classmen doubted me, her and Jen Bruck, two bad asses on and off the field who I looked up to, took me under their wings and we clicked. She is inspirational because anything and everything that gets thrown her way she seems to overcome them.

I remember she played with a broken bone in her leg just because she loves the game. That is the most passionate you can get. I love that about her. She’s awesome!